The Butler Little Theatre is a non-profit that strives to offer a broad range of high quality and entertaining live theater experiences to the community. We’ve been doing this for over 78 years and it has provided us with rewarding and fun experiences. We offer our audiences comedies to delight, dramas to stir emotions, mysteries to challenge, and classics to expand theatrical and literary horizons.

In addition to our performances, we offer children and adults challenging opportunities for personal and technical growth through onstage and backstage experiences, classroom preparation, and skilled direction.

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Up next in BLT’s 79th Season is The Language Archive by Julia Cho.
Despite devoting his career to preserving languages from going extinct, George (Phil Ball) can’t find the right words to keep his wife, Mary (Heidi Nicholls Bowser), from leaving him.
Mary — who seems a bit crazy —
Does leave him. After all, his cute and doting assistant at the archive, Emma (Megan Flannery), has a crush on him and her neuroses seems adorable at least for the time being. When she’s not trying to figure out if George “likes her”.
Emma helps George record Alta (Nedra Casey) and Resten (Dennis Casey), an old couple flown in from an undisclosed country to the archive to document the dying Elloway language.
George is excited to have the couple present to record an authentic dialogue, but as soon as he turns on the tape recorder, they start bickering in English over a disagreement about the window seat on the flight and quickly escalate to airing every grievance each has about the other. It comes out that they believe “English is the language of anger.