Our Town Opens May 10th

Tickets on sale April 30th for members and May 2nd for all patrons.

May 10-12, 14-18, 2019

All Tickets $13.00

Our Town tells the story of Grover’s Corners, a town that might sound very much like our own. There, audiences will discover the life, love, and loss we all know so well. Guided by a “stage manager,” Our Town peeks into the lives of two families as they intertwine through twelve years of life changes – from the mundane to the tragic – and discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Director Jeff Carey and Producer Danyle Verzinskie are happy to announce the cast which includes John C.R. Silbert, Jim Brenneman, Taryn Pfeifer, Kevin Pritts, Daniell Jacobson, Madison Schiebel, Daniel O.Scheller, Ariana O’Donnell, Conner Yelich, Rodney Gasche, Mark Nutter, Josh Brenneman, Xeno List, Steve Fogle, Susan Sontum, Luke Pfeifer, William Gasche, Rory Jacobson, & Sophia List.