The Last Mass at St. Casimir's at BLT

Get ready for generous doses of humor, drama, and humanity!

The Pazinski clan has gathered in their working-class Catholic neighborhood to say their final goodbyes to their recently-sold childhood home. But when an unexpected blizzard compels the mayor to announce a driving ban throughout the city, they’re trapped together in their old house, forced to confront and resolve lingering family issues — albeit through miraculous and comical mishaps. Through all their trials and misfortune, the Pazinski family finally discovers the gifts of real love. The Last Mass at St. Casimir’s offers generous doses of humor, drama, and humanity.

Critic Reviews of The Last Mass at St. Casimir’s

“In the third and last installment of his Over the Tavern trilogy, playwright Tom Dudzick once again gets it absolutely right in depicting his lakeside hometown. The production offers viewers generous doses of humor, drama and humanity neatly packaged within the unworldly microcosm of Dudzick’s real life family facsimile, the Pazinskis.” – Christina Abt, Hamburg Sun
“The exposition is flawless and the dialogue that defines the Pazinski family dynamic is great entertainment. Skipping and jumping from topic to topic, the desultory nature of the conversations creates their realism. And it’s in these conversations that Dudzick is at his best. He masterfully postpones and delays information, making the audience wait for a punchline. It makes for a great way to spend a couple of hours.” – Mark Gamble, Blue Dog

The Last Mass at St. Casimir’s runs from December 1 through December 9 (except Monday). Tickets are $15. Get tickets now!

Important Note: Please arrive 15 minutes before curtain time. Latecomers will be seated at the first opportunity and may be seated in an alternate location.

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