Children’s Theater Workshop 2023 Showcase, Wednesday, February 1 at 7:00 pm

Myths and Madness!

Grades 3-5, led by Deanna Sparrow

This is Deanna’s stuff

Acting Up!

Grades 6-8, led by Ken Smith

I am thrilled to have worked with these students for the past several weeks.

SIMON BIANCHIN: King Claudius, Mortimer
AMELIA BOREK: Rosencrantz, Aunt Abby
PIPER BURR: Ophelia, Juliet
ISABELLA GREEN: Weird Sister, Prologue, Juliet
SOPHIA LIST: Queen Gertrude
ADDISON MACDONALD: Lucianus, Aunt Martha
LILY MORGAN: Weird Sister, Polonius, Juliet
JOSEPHINE MYERS: Player King, Nurse
MEKENZI SYDLICK: Weird Sister, Player Queen
JULIA WRIGHT: Horatio, Juliet