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By Dennis Casey


The Night of January 16th-     June 1941- Wilson R. Cronenwett

Holiday-     October 1941- Wilson R. Cronenwett

George Washington Slept Here- February 1942- Wilson R. Cronenwett

Ladies in Retirement – May 1942- Wilson R. Cronenwett B.C. Huselton

Yes, My Darling Daughter – November 1942- David Linn

Here Today- April 1943- David Linn

Mr. and Mrs. North- August 1943 – David Linn- Jeannette McKee

Personal Appearance- November 1943- David Linn

Double Door- March 1944- David Linn

Claudia- May 1944- David Linn

Guest in the House- November 1944- David Linn

Papa is All- February 1945 David Linn

Suspect-       April 1945- David Linn- Mrs. James Shaffer

Out of the Frying Pan- June 1945-David Linn

Blithe Spirit October 1945- David Linn- Lucille Critchlow, Jeannette McKee

Mornings at Seven December 1945- David Linn- Lucille Critchlow, B. C. Huselton

Night Must Fall March 1946- David Linn

My Sister Eileen May 1946- David Linn- Mrs. Howard Lee, Jeannette McKee

Three’s A Family October 1946- Whitney A. Murphy Mrs. F.A.W. Green, Gertrude Watt

Laura November 1946

Three Men on a Horse February 1947- Evangeline Drake Elizabeth Hepler, Mrs. Howard Lee

Arsenic and Old Lace April 1947- Evangeline Drake

Kiss and Tell November 1947- Evangeline Drake Jeannette McKee

Outward Bound February 1948- Evangeline Drake Mary Margaret Turner

The Whole Town’s Talking 1948

Ten Little Indians 1948

Life With Father November 1948 -Evangeline Drake

I Remember Mama February 1949- Robert Nellis A. Whitney Murphey

January Thaw May 1949- Robert Nellis

The Male Animal November 1949 -Robert Nellis- LaRue Hutter

On Borrowed Time February 1950- Robert Nellis- Mrs. F.A.W. Green

Night Must Fall May 1950- Robert Lloyd- Dorothy Billman

Petticoat Fever May 1950- Robert Nellis- Laura Belle Herrington

Born Yesterday October 1950 -Robert Nellis- Mrs. F.A.W. Green

Angel Street January  1951- Robert Kaub- Mrs. Wayne Forster

John Loves Mary April 1951 -Robert Kaub -Dorothy Billman

The Night of January 16th October 1951 -Laura Belle Herrington- Mrs. Wayne Forster

The Glass Menagerie November 1951- Jean Armstrong -Dorothy Billman

Two Blind Mice February 1952-Jean Armstrong -Wilma Lucille Green

The Silver Whistle April 1952- Jean Armstrong- George McCray

The Happy Time November 1952- Stephen Radkoff- Mrs. F.A.W. Green

Tonight at 8:30 January 1953- Stephen Radkoff- William Andrew

Lo and Behold February 1953- Stephen Radkoff- William E. Foster

Separate Rooms April 1953- Stephen Radkoff- Pauline Edmonds

Goodbye My Fancy October 1953- Stephen Radkoff- Carl Russell

The Heiress February 1954 -Stephen Radkoff- Mrs. F.A.W. Green

Bell, Book, and Candle April 1954- Stephen Radkoff- Hirsch Rosenblum

Mr. Roberts November 1954 -Stephen Radkoff- George McCray

My Three Angels February 1955- Stephen Radkoff- Beatrice Black

Late Love April 1955- Stephen Radkoff- Mrs. Vincent Laughlin

The Country Girl October 1955- Milton Carless- Laura Belle Herrington

The Tender Trap December 1955- Milton Carless- Mrs. Vincent Laughlin

Dial M For Murder February 1956- Milton Carless- Pauline Edmonds

See How They Run April 1956- Milton Carless- Beatrice Black

Bus Stop October 1956- Milton Carless- Doris Collins

Reclining Figure December 1956- Milton Carless- Barbara Wakeman

Anastasia February 1957- Milton Carless- Nel A’Hearn

Rope April 1957- Milton Carless- Charles Heaton

The Desperate Hours October 1957- Milton Carless- Robert Jones

Torchbearers December 1957- Milton Carless- Marilyn Thompson

Here Today February 1958- Milton Carless- Rose Zeitler

Beggar on Horseback April 1958- Milton Carless- Leonard Baroff, Donald Engeman

A Hatful of Rain October 1958- Milton Carless Herbert and Irmgard Haussig

The Seven Year Itch December 1958- Laura Belle Herrington

Someone Waiting February 1959- Milton Carless- Mrs. Vincent Laughlin

Sabrina Fair April 1959- Milton Carless- Frederick Thompson, Marilyn Thompson

The Loud Red Patrick May 1959- Milton Carless- Ed McGivern

Come Back Little Sheba October 1959- Milton Carless- Eli Schrieberg

Third Best Sport December 1959- Milton Carless- Janet Maxwell

Ghosts January 1960 – Milton Carless- Janice Phillips

Monique February 1960- Milton Carless- Jack and Carolyn Bergsten

The Happiest Millionaire May 1960- Milton Carless- Irmgard Haussig

Look Homeward Angel October 1960- Craig Himes- Irmgard Haussig

Affairs of State December 1960- Craig Himes -Robert Cleeland

Lady Windermere’s Fan February 1961 Craig Himes C.R. Crawford

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof March 1961 Craig Himes Ron Swartzlander

King of Hearts May 1961 Craig Himes Charlotte Davies

Bells Are Ringing October 1961 William Lehnerd Margo Pitts

Send Me No Flowers December 1961 Ray Bratton Marty Wilson

Five Finger Exercise February 1962 Al Heckert Charlotte Davies

An Enemy of the People February 1962 William Smith Robert Hawk

Auntie Mame May 1962 Al Heckert Ron Swartzlander

Guys and Dolls October 1962 William Smith Charlotte Davies

Critic’s Choice December 1962 William Smith Nick Gordon

Inherit the Wind February 1963 William Smith James McDowell

Marriage Go Round March 1963 William Smith John Bersten

Susan Slept Here May 1963 William Smith John Crytzer

Come Blow Your Horn September 1963 Joel Rosenblum James McDowell

Hamlet October 1963 Milton Carless Joint BLT-SR Production

A Streetcar Named Desire February 1964 Stephen Radkoff Ray Bratton

A Shot in the Dark April 1964 Sam Morrow Laura Belle Herrington, Ann Oesterling

Take Her She’s Mine May 1964 Stephen Radkoff Marcia (Risch) Dearolph, Margaret Laughlin

The Best Man October 1964 Stephen Radkoff Richard Haley, Joe Huba

The Voice of the Turtle December 1964 Richard Haley Richard Haley, Robert Hawk

Death of a Salesman February 1965 Joel Rosenblum Marcia (Risch) Dearolph, Lois Southwick

Under the Yum Yum Tree April 1965 Jim Laird Grace Gates, Marcia (Ligas) Steinhauser

Two for the Seesaw May 1965 Stephen Radkoff Sally Bowser, Margaret Laughlin

Harvey October 1965 Richard Haley Jean R. Bankert

Dracula November 1965 Barbara Selman Laura Belle Herrington

Hotel Paradiso February 1966 Joel Rosenblum

Mary, Mary March 1966 Jim Laird Marcia (Ligas) Steinhauser

The Happy Time May 1966 The Happy Time Ralph Sandbach Jr.

Never Too Late September 1966 Robert Natili Janet Maxwell

Sweet Bird of Youth November 1966 Lita Press Bill Hulsizer

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum January 1967 Joel Rosenblum Walter Cole

Teahouse of the August Moon March 1967 Richard M. Ligas Marcia (Ligas) Steinhauser

A View from the Bridge April 1967 Jim Laird Janet Maxwell

A Thousand Clowns May 1967 Joel Rosenblum Les Elliott

Barefoot in the Park October 1967 Ray Lontz Ken Casey

The Subject Was Roses November 1967 Jim Laird Sally Bowser, Janet Maxwell

Funny Girl January 1968 Joel Rosenblum Les Elliott

Luv March 1968 Ron Lockwood Marcia (Risch) Dearolph, Margaret Laughlin

The Odd Couple April 1968 Joel Rosenblum Tom Crane, Roy Potter

The Impossible Years October 1968 Tom DellaSanta Gary Collar

Wait Until Dark November 1968 Jim Laird Paula (Elliott) Rudy

Three Penny Opera January 1969 Richard M. Ligas Ken Casey, Marcia (Ligas) Steinhauser

A Man for All Seasons March 1969 Ron Lockwood Dan Cox

The Knack May 1969 Gary Collar Les Elliott

Any Wednesday October 1969 Gary Collar Sue Collar

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg November 1969 Jim Laird Sally Bowser

The Apple Tree January 1970 William Lehnerd Paula (Elliott) Rudy

The Lion in Winter March 1970 Henry Dimmick Mary Dimmick

Cactus Flower May 1970 Ken Casey Ray Lontz

The Crucible October 1970 Sally Bowser, Ray Lontz Patricia (McCalman) Snodgrass

Don’t Drink the Water November 1970 Charles Horewitz Patty Covert

The Boys in the Band February 1971 Janet Maxwell Sally Bowser l

The Master Builder March 1971 Ron Lockwood Dan Cox

See How They Run May 1971 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

Summertree October 1971 Gary Collar Sue Collar

The Haunting of Hill House November 1971 Sally Bowser Barbara J. Bishop, Patricia (McCalman) Snodgrass

What Did We Do Wrong January 1972 Jim Ruoff Dennis Gills

The Little Foxes March 1972 Margaret Cahill Mary Jane McGowan

Charley’s Aunt May 1972 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown June 1972 Richard M. Ligas Barbara J. Bishop

Plaza Suite September 1972 Sally Bowser, Dennis Gills, Don Orwald Barbara J. Bishop, Dennis Gills

Lilies of the Field November 1972 Gary Collar Sue Collar

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf January 1973 Joel Rosenblum June Cannard

Anne of the Thousand Days March 1972 Fr. Gary Powell Barbara J. Bishop, Patricia (McCalman) Snodgrass

The Rainmaker May 1973 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds September 1973 Mary Dimmick Ray Lontz

Long Day’s Journey into Night November 1973 Margo Pitts Sue (Kammis) Jervis

You Can’t Take it With You January 1974 Dennis Casey

Roshomon February 1974 Margaret Cahill Patricia (McCalman) Snodgrass, Robert E. Snodgrass

What the Butler Saw April 1974 Gary Collar Sue Collar

Butterflies Are Free May 1974 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild October 1974 Dennis Gills Marietta Carney

The Girls in Room 509 November 1974 Mary Dimmick F. Douglas McMaster

Who Killed Santa Claus January 1975 Gail Gianneschi Gary Collar

The Rose Tattoo March 1975 Helen Harvey Bette Rowland

6 Rms Riv Vu May 1975 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

Everybody Loves Opal October 1975 Dennis Kerr F. Douglas McMaster, Kathy Venditto

The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail November 1975 Dennis Gills Chris Weimer

Anastasia January 1976 Milton Carless Barbara J. Bishop

How the Other Half Loves March 1976 Margaret Cahill Gail Gianneschi

The Potting Shed May 1976 Helen Harvey Sue (Kammis) Jervis

Strange Bedfellows October 1976 Mary Dimmick Gail Gianneschi

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest November 1976 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

Avanti January 1977 Sue Collar Susan J. Collar

That Championship Season March 1977 Barbara Selman Gary Collar

Finishing Touches May 1977 Richard M. Ligas John Graham, Mike Saul

U.T.B.U. September 1977 Janet Maxwell Sharon Maust

For the Use of the Hall November 1977 Gordon Cavalero Dennis Casey, Curt Wright

When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder January 1978 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

Private Lives March 1978 Robert Dandoy Gary Collar, Dave Malarkey

Promenade All May 1978 John Gianneschi Sue Collar

1978-1979 Season

Rich is Better – September 1978 Dave Malarkey Diana (Robison) Druga

Night Watch – November 1978 Neil Bittenbender Margaret Cahill

The Girl in the Freudian Slip- January 1979 Margaret Cahill George Arnold, Ken Schreffler

Rain March 1979- Dennis Gills Sharon Maust

Same Time Next Year – May 1979 Gary Collar Dan Cox

1979-1980 Season

Forty Carats – September 1979 Dave Malarkey Bill Geibel, Kathy Venditto

The Runner Stumbles – November 1979 Gail Gianneschi Chris (Holman) Keefer

The Last of the Red Hot Lovers – January 1980 Robert Dandoy Dan Cox

Everything in the Garden – March 1980 Mary Dimmick Sue Collar

Vanities – May 1980 Emory Miko, Don Orwald Bonnie Brown, Dave Deal

1980-1981 Season

Exit the Body – October 1980 Emory Miko Robin (Kriley) Oxley, Kathy Venditto

The Glass Menagerie – November 1980 Margo Pitts Gail Gianneschi

Anybody Out There – January 1981 Gary Collar Sue Collar

The Gingerbread Lady – March 1981 Robert Dandoy Marietta Carney, Dan Cox

On Golden Pond – May 1981 Ray Lontz Sally Bowser

1981-1982 Season

Visit to a Small Planet – October 1981 Dennis Casey Bill Geibel

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – November 1981 Elizabeth Hadley Freydberg Gary Collar, Dave Malarkey

The Prisoner of Second Ave. – January 1982 Robert Dandoy Sally Bowser

Veronica’s Room – March 1982 Janet Maxwell Marty Cahill

Tribute – May 1982 Emory Miko Kathy Venditto, Connie (Benson) Waddell

1982-1983 Season

Bedroom Farce October – 1982 Margaret Cahill Dennis Casey

I Remember Mama – November 1982 Margo Pitts Sally Bowser

Deathtrap – January 1983 Don Orwald Robin (Kriley) Oxley

Chapter Two – March 1983 Gary Collar Sue Collar

Whose Life Is It, Anyway – May 1983 Janet Maxwell Marty Cahill, Sharon Maust

1983-1984 Season

The Sunshine Boys – October 1983 Jud Stewart Robin (Kriley) Oxley

Witness for the Prosecution – November 1983 Jim Neutrelle Sally Bowser

Heaven Can Wait – February 1984 Marge Bankert, Don Orwald Jim Bowser, Connie (Benson) Waddell

A Streetcar Named Desire – March 1984 Joel Rosenblum Barbara J. Bishop, Lynette Crago

Romantic Comedy – May 1984 Dennis Casey Connie (Benson) Waddell

1984-1985 Season

Murder at the Howard Johnsons – October 1984 Maryanne Weiss Sue Collar

84 Charing Cross Road – November 1984 Gary Collar Robin (Kriley) Oxley

Catch Me If You Can January – 1985 Nedra Casey Dennis Casey

The Caine Mutiny March – 1985 Jud Stewart Connie (Benson) Waddell

The Importance of Being Earnest May – 1985 Robert Dandoy Jim Bowser

1985-1986 Season

California Suite – October 1985 Robert Dandoy Sally Bowser

Bell, Book, and Candle – November 1985 Jim Neutrelle Barbara J. Bishop, Sharon Maust

Play It Again, Sam – January 1986 Dave Deal Marge Bankert, Marty Cahill

Arms and the Man – March 1986 Janet Maxwell Ken Schreffler

The Gin Game – May 1986 Jerry Johnston Dan Cox

1986-1987 Season

Born Yesterday – October 1986 Margaret Cahill Bonnie Cahill, Marty Cahill

The Elephant Man – November 1986 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

God’s Favorite – January 1987 Robert Dandoy Bill Geibel

Monique – March 1987 Ron Lockwood Mary Jo Grinder

Present Laughter – May 1987 Jud Stewart Connie (Benson) Waddell

1987-1988 Season

The Foreigner – October 1987 Shirley Ann Minehart Ken Schreffler

Corpse – November 1987 Jud Stewart Ken Schreffler

The Dining Room – January 1988 Dennis Casey Mary Jo Grinder

Love, Sex. and the IRS – March 1988 Gary Collar George Arnold

She Stoops to Conquer – May 1988 Robert Dandoy Sally Bowser

1988-1989 Season

Little Footsteps – October 1988 Gary Collar Paul Hilliard

Blithe Spirit – November 1988 Jud Stewart Ken Schreffler 

The Last of Mrs. Lincoln – January 1989 Maryanne Weiss Sue Collar

Noises Off – March 1989 Don Orwald Rick Stutz, Maryanne Weiss

The Nerd – May 1989 Shirley Ann Minehart Andy Bilowich

1989-1990 Season

Weekend Comedy – October 1989 Gary Collar Kathy Norante

Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 – November 1989 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

Crimes of the Heart – January 1990 Paul Haughey Mary Jo Grinder

True West – March 1990 Charlene Shaw Gary Collar

The Imaginary Invalid – May 1990 Jud Stewart Ken Schreffler

1990-1991 Season

Private Lives – October 1990 Jud Stewart Ken Schreffler Jr.

Death of a Salesman – November 1990 Paul Haughey Kris Hofer

The Seven Year Itch – January  1991 Gary Collar Barbara Bishop

The Little Foxes – March 1991 Joel W. Rosenblum Sally Bowser

The Odd Couple – May 1991 Bob Dandoy Rick Stutz

1991-1992 Season

Steel Magnolias – October 1991 Jud Stewart Ken Schreffler Jr., Rick Stutz

Sherlock’s Last Case – November 1991 Margaret Cahill Sonja Barnes, Ken Schreffler Jr.

The House of Blue Leaves- January 1992 Paul Haughey Kris Hofer

Uncle Vanya – March 1992 Charlene Shaw Mary Beth McQuistion, Maryanne Weiss

Painting Churches – May 1992 Stephanie Marra Amy Cannard

1992-1993 Season

The Cemetery Club – October 1992 Gary Collar Barbara Bishop

The Cocktail Hour – November 1992 Jud Stewart, Katy Closkey Sharon Lee Chernick, Ken Schreffler Jr.

Rumors – Bob Dandoy Rick Stutz, Mary Beth McQuistion

Les Liaisons – Dangereuse March 1993 Paul Haughey Kris Hofer, Becky Plymale

Tally’s Folly – May 1993 Don Orwald Sally Bowser, Mary Jo Grinder

1993-1994 Season

Prelude To a Kiss  – October 1993 Shirley Ann Minehart Ken Schreffler Jr.

Lend Me a Tenor – November 1993 Paul Haughey Mary Jo Grinder, Becky Plymale

Shadowlands – January 1994 Don Orwald Sally Bowser

The Mystery of Irma Vepp – March 1994 Katy Closkey Michael Wayne

Nunsense II May 1994 Jim Neutrelle Sally Boswer, Ken Schreffler Jr.

1994-1995 Season

Breaking Legs – October 1994 Jud Stewart Mary Jo Grinder

A Gown for His Mistress – November 1994 Paul Haughey

Jake’s Women – January 1995 Gary Collar, Barbara Bishop

Someone Who’ll Watch Over

Me March – 1995 Ron Lockwood

Hayfever – May 1995 Don Orwald

1995-1996 Season

Ladies First – September 1995 Jud Stewart Paul Haughey

Guilty Conscience – November 1995 Ron Lockwood Lynette Crago, Becky Plymale

Love Letters  – January 1996 Shirley Ann Minehart, Becky Plymale Mary Jo Grinder

Macbeth – March 1996 Paul Haughey Kris Hofer

All in The Timing – May 1996 Gary Collar Angela Baccari

1996-1997 Season

Later Life – September 1996 Barbara E. Shine, Sue Collar, Lisa Widenhofer

Fallen Angels – November 1996 Jud Stewart, Paul Haughey

Laughter on the 23rd Floor – January 1997 Robert D. Meals, Gary Collar, Kris Hofer

The Road to Mecca – March 1997 Jerry Johnston, Becky Plymale

Harvey – May 1997 Don Orwald Marge Bankert, Rebecca Winberg-Meals

1997-1998 Season

Princess Grace And The Fazzaris – October 1997 Jud Stewart, Paul Haughey

Bullshot Crummond – November 1997 Robert D. Meals, Becky Plymale

Amadeus – January 1998 Paul Haughey, Peppy Alexander

The Queen of Bingo – March 1998

Morning’s at Seven – May 1998 Ron Lockwood, Janice and Bob Harrison 

1998-1999 Season

Anybody for Murder? – October 1998 Ron Lockwood, Kris Hofer

The Heiress – November 1998 Margaret Cahill, Gary Collar

Barefoot in the Park – January 1999 Fred Scasso, Deborah Scasso

Black Comedy – March 1999 Gary Collar, Janice Harrison

I Hate Hamlet – May 1999 Phil Ball, Gary Collar

1999-2000 Season

Me and Jezebel – October 1999 Gary Collar, Sue Collar

Moon Over Buffalo – November 1999 Don Orwald, Paul Haughey, Ron Lockwood

Tartuffe – January 2000 Paul Haughey, Peppy Alexander

Sylvia – March 2000 Fred Scasso, Deborah Scasso

How the Other Half Loves – May 2000 Laurie Ann Stepanian, Dennis Casey

Waiting for Godot – June 2000 Charles Beikert, Paul Haughey

2000-2001 Season

Women in Congress – September 2000 Charles Beikert Ron Lockwood

A Christmas Carol – November 2000 Phillip Ball Bonnie Cahill

Misery – January 2001 Jud Stewart Paul Haughey

Picasso at The Lapin Agile – March 2001 Paul Haughey Ron Lockwood

A Murder is Announced – May 2001 Dave Deal Shirley Ann Minehart

2001-2002 Season

The Odd Couple (female) – October 2001 Dale Vanlaningham, Janice Harrison

The Diary of Anne Frank – November 2001 Jerry Johnston, Paul Haughey, Jud Stewart

The Taming of the Shrew – Febuary 2002 Paul Haughey, Ron Lockwood

Scotland Road March  – 2002 Kate Wayne, Dennis Casey, Bill Geibel

On Golden Pond – May 2002 Fred Scasso, Kris Hofer

2002-2003 Season

Art September – 2002 Paul Haughey

Red Herring – November 2002 Dennis Casey, Sharon Lee Chernick

The Glass Menagerie – January 2003 Barbara Shinn William A Lehnerd, Ron Lockwood

La Ronde March – 2003 Jud Stewart, Paul Haughey

Over the River and Through the Woods – May 2003 Fred Scasso, Sharon Lee Chernick

 2003-2004 Season

Lost In Younkers – October 2003 Gary Collar Gary Collar

A Christmas Carol – November 2003 Paul Haughey Cynthia Closkey

The Taffetas – January 2004 Katy Wayne Bev Antis (musical director) Bill Geibel

Proof – March 2004 Gary Collar Terry Anderson, Barbara Osche

The Philadelphia Story -May 2004 Robert Meals Katy Wayne  

2004-2005 Season

Dracula -October 2004 Gary Collar Sue Collar, Sharon Lee Chernick

The Taffetas’ Christmas -nNovember 2004 Katy Wayne Bev Antis (musical director) Bill Geibel

Romeo and Juliet -nJanuary 2005 Paul Haughey Cynthia Closkey

The Book of Liz – March 2005 Randal Krampert, Phillip Ball Marge Bankert, Robert Meals, Danny McChesney 

The Sunshine Boys -May 2005 Sis Fleming Gary Collar

2005-2006 Season

The Underpants -October 2005 Jud Stewart Paul Haughey

Over The Tavern – November 2005 Jerry Johnston Gary Collar

The Crucible -January  2006 Barbara Shine, Marge Bankert, Sue Switzer

Stage Fright – March 2006 Rikki Stupka Robert Meals

Enchanted April – May 2006 Robert Meals David Deal

2006-2007 Season

Greater Tuna – October 2006 Dale Vanlaningham Shirley Ann Minehart, Kelly Vanlaningham

A Shot in the Dark – November 2006 Marianne Zimmerly MJ  Carrabba, Timothy Perschke

The Whales of August – January 2007 Gary Collar Sue Collar

The Play’s the Thing – March 2007 Bob Dandoy Kris Bearer

Not Now, Darling – May 2007 Ron Lockwood Shirley Ann Minehart/Cequenda Bruggeman

2007-2008 Season

Hollywood Arms – October 2007 Rebecca Meals Robert Meals

A Christmas Carol November – 2007 Robert Meals Katie Wallace, Danyle Verzinskie

Same Time, Next Year – January 2008 Gary Collar Sue Collar 

The Mousetrap – March 2008 Shirley Ann Minehart Becky Plymale

Leading Ladies – May 2008- Robert Meals- Danyle Verzinskie

2008-2009 Season

Murder at the Howard Johnsons – October 2008- Shirley Ann Minehart- Becky Plymale

U.T.B.U. – November 2008- Gary Collar, Sue Switzer- Sue Collar

Deathtrap – January 2009- Ron Lockwood- Kris Bearer

Anybody Out There? – March 2009- Dave Neuhart- Danyle Verzinskie

Rumors – May 2009- Maureen Mossman, Robert Meals- BLT Board

2009-2010 Season

The Girls of the Garden Club – October 2009- Shirley Ann Minehart- Marsha Seybert, Dan McCarty

The Miracle Worker – November 2009- Robert Snodgrass Jr.- Sue Switzer

Almost, Maine – January 2010- Stefan Lingenfelter- Kris Bearer

Dinner With Friends – March 2010- Casey Bowser- Becky Plymale, Marsha Seybert

The Importance of Being Ernest – May 2010- Stefan Lingenfelter- BLT Board

2010-2011 Season

Kitchen Witches – October 2010- Shirley Ann Minehart- Marsha Seybert

Greetings! – November 2010- Tricia McConnell Eichler- Danyle Verzinskie, Carol Ann Hall

All My Sons – January 2011- Jerry Johnston- Bill Geibel

Moonlight and Magnolias – March 2011- Phillip Ball- Karen O’Donnell

Fools – May 2011- Bob Dandoy- Sue Collar, Becky Plymale

2011-2012 Season

The Trip to Bountiful – September 2011- Lester Malizia- Patricia Bell

Christmas Belles – November 2011- Robert Meals- Danyle Verzinskie

The Smell of the Kill – January 2012 -Stefan Lingenfelter, Whitney Ann Jenkins- Karen O’Donnell

Rounding Third – March  2012- Paul Haughey- Shirley Ann Minehart

Is He Dead? – May  2012 -Tricia McConnell Eichler- Sue Collar, Danyle Verzinskie

2012-2013 Season

A Vampire Reflects – October 2012- Rikki Stupka

It’s a Wonderful Life (A Live Radio Play) – November 2012- Phillip Ball- Karen O’Donne

Italian American Reconciliation – January 2013- Whitney Ann Jenkins- Stefan Lingenfelter

Rabbit Hole – March – 2013 Lester Malazia -Patricia Bell

The Fox on the Fairway – May 2013- Jud Michael Stewart- Ron Lockwood, Sue Collar, Becky Plymale

2013-2014 Season

The Hound of the Baskervilles – October 2013- Dustin Furman -Connie Donovan

Frog And Toad – November 2013- Katy Closkey Wayne-  Jessica Sanzotti (musical director) Becky Plymale

Rose’s Dilemma – January  2014 – Katie Moore -Jana Semler

The Psychic – March  2014- Danyle Solomon Verzinskie- Robert Meals

Run for Your Wife – May 2014- Thom Bennett- Dan McCarty, Jana Semler

2014-2015 Season

King O’ the Moon – October 2014- Jerry Johnston- Karen O’Donnell

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare – November 2014- Elizabeth Smith- Sue Collar, Becky Plymale

Welcome to the Monkey House – January 2015- Phillip Ball- Stephanie Kobil, Karen O’Donnell

Steel Magnolias – March 2015- Jud Stewart- Connie Donovan, Maria Wellman 

Brighton Beach Memoirs – May 2015- Bob Dandoy- Sue Collar, Janet Groger

75th Season (2015-2016)

Blithe Spirit – October 2015- Katie Moore- Becky Pymale

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown November 2015- Stefan Lingenfelter-   Jessica Sanzotti- (Musical Director) Karen O’Donnel

Crimes of the Heart – January 2016- Lester Malizia- Patricia Bell

Inherit the Wind – March 2016 -Robert Meals- Danyle Solomon-Verzinskie

Come Blow Your Horn – May 2016- Robert Craig- Sue Collar, Marianne Snider

2016-2017 Season

Vintage Hitchcock – September 2016- Cole Egbert- Connie Donovan

The Games Afoot – November 2016- Paula Ferguson- Sis Fleming

God of Carnage – January 2017- Lester Malizia-Pat Bell

Elvis Has Left The Building – March 2017- Ric Medic-Stefan Linginfelter

Flowers for Algernon – May 2017- Bob Snodgrass Jr.- Pat Bell, Cecila Snodgrass

2017-2018 Season

Biloxi Blues – September 2017- Robert Craig- Marianne Snider

Boeing Boeing – November 2017- Dennis Casey- Sis Fleming, Stefan Linginfelter

Other Peoples Money – January 2018- Don Shearer-Amy Canard

The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket – Stefan Lingenfelter- Ric Medic

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike – May 2018- Lester Malizia-Pat Bell

2018-2019 Season

The Dog Logs – September 2018-Stefan Lingenfelter- Robert Craig, Marianne Snider

Jeeves in Bloom – November 2018-Dennis Casey-Sis Fleming, Stephanie Kobil

Tuesdays with Morrie – January 2019- Robert Craig-Matt Perotti (Asst. Dir.)– Marianne Snider

The Dixie Swim Club – March 2019-Marianne Snyder- Ric Medic

Our Town – May 2019-Jeff Carey-Amy Canard

2019-2020 Season

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth – October 2019- Bob Meals- Danyle Solomon-Verzinskie

The Language Archive – November 2019- Casey Bowser-

Lunch Hour – January 2020- Don Shearer- Amy Canard

An Inspector Calls (Partial Run due to the COVID-19 Pandemic) March 2020- Dennis Casey- Stephanie Kobil, Sis Fleming

Broadway Bound (Canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic)

2020-2021 Season

Regular Season Canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Casey Bowser, Heidi Nicholls Bowser, Ken Smith, and Elizabeth Smith performed our first streaming performance of George Bernard Shaw’s Overruled on March 12th and 13th, 2021 on the BLT stage to a small, socially distanced audience and to hundreds of viewers around the world!

2021-2022 Season

12 Angry Men September 2021 – Dennis Casey

Marjorie Prime – November 2021

The 39 Steps – March 2022 – Duane Peters, BLT Board of Directors

Outside Mullingar – (Canceled due to spike in COVID cases)

Broadway Bound – May 2022 – Bob Danvoy

2022-2023 Season

Social Security – September/October 2022 –

A Christmas Carol – December 2022 – Casey Bowser

The Lifespan of a Fact – March 2023 – Phillip Ball, Karen O’Donnell

The Book of Will – May 2023 – Jud Stewart